How much does the course cost? 

If you are not sure how to fund the course do get in touch as we can point you in the direction of charities that might have free vouchers available for participants. 


The costs are £32 per person which covers the 6 individual online modules and the virtual workshop.  


You can purchase course vouchers in bulk and then offer them to staff as and when they are required. Vouchers are valid for at least 12 months.  


If you are purchasing 40 places on the course, you will receive a 10% discount.   


This is useful if you want to gradually train up a ward of staff over a year with a rolling programme, or if you want to train a cohort of students (see option 2 for more details)  


As a charity you might want the opportunity to promote your work to nurses and midwives. You could do this by hosting 2 training days in the year, you could promote and fund the course for 20 participants in each –the course workshop takes about 4 hours so you could set the agenda and add a lot of your own content.  (see option 2 for more details)   



If you purchase 80 places on the course, you will receive a 20% discount. This is very useful for national charities who might want to offer training places to interested staff/students across the country.   


If you would like Rachel Hayden to host the workshop (see option 3 for more details) there is an additional flat rate cost of £200 plus mileage at 45p per mile.