Option 1 - For individual learners and small groups

You will be asked to create a mock environment that will represent the space that parents might spend time in with their baby. In that environment you will practice taking photographs in ‘fly on the wall’ style and you will also experience being photographed in that way. You will then review your photographs and select some to be uploaded into google classroom.

Once those are uploaded you will continue with activities outlined in google classroom. Approximately an hour after you have uploaded your photographs you will receive feedback on the photos you have uploaded and will view a slideshow of your work.

For the workshop you will need:

  • Access to google classroom and the internet (accessible on all devices: phone, tablet, laptop)
  • An environment where you can role play parents spending time with their baby – this might be a side room, bereavement suit, classroom or in your own home.
  • In the role play you want to engage in as many activities as possible for memory making so you will need a cot, bed (or something that represents a bed), a baby bath or top and tail bowl, all the usual baby items you would use including outfits, a memory box.
  • Some dolls of different sizes
  • A camera – either the hospital/unit camera, a point and shoot from home or your mobile phone (ideally try a point and shoot and phone)
  • If you are doing this course on your own you will need to enlist the help of 2 or 3 people to work with you for a maximum of an hour.
  • If you are a small group, you are best to work in groups with up to 4 participants in the role play – so if there are 6 of you for example, have 2 groups of 3 and double up on your equipment so each group has a scenario/doll/camera to practice.

You will be provided with further details and guidance regarding this session throughout the online modules.

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