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Why this training is important

The Dear Midwife video encapsulates an ideal scenario that many bereaved parents wished they had experienced. But too many parents regret that they did not have the opportunity or the forethought to do more with their baby or have a collection of meaningful photographs that remind them of the precious time they shared together.

Gifts of Remembrance is changing this by providing training that empowers staff so that they feel they have the skills and the confidence to approach parents about these opportunities and provide them with mementos they will treasure forever.

On completing this one day workshop staff tell us they feel confident, empowered and ‘now know what to do’ to provide parents with such precious memories and feedback from support groups tells us that this training is making a real difference to the experiences of bereaved parents.

It shouldn’t be a lottery!

Two parents sit next to each other in a bereavement support group. One has an album and memory box and shares their story of their child and how they spent time with them, of how they took hand and footprints, delicately took a lock of their child’s hair, and how they were helped to bath and dress them – each part of the story illustrated and affirmed by sensitive intimate photographs.

The second parent sits with empty hands. They too lost their baby, in the same hospital, in the same month.... but they were looked after by a different member of staff. They have no memory box, no hand and foot prints, no photographs they feel they can share.

You can make a difference!

Training workshops are designed to be available to staff across the whole of the UK and Ireland from the smallest county hospital to the largest city institutions. Each training workshop aims to invite up to 4 staff members per group, with as many groups as you require. Once trained, those staff members can go back to their units and share the skills and knowledge they have gained and gradually, bit by bit, as more staff attend the training and share their skills, we can change the culture of bereavement care.

Let your hospital know that this is important and will make a difference.

Hospital staff don’t always know that the service they provide could be so much better – so TELL THEM. The more feedback they get that this is what bereaved parents want, the greater the chances a hospital will acknowledge this and respond.

You can fund training for up to 4 members of staff in your local hospital.

It costs £128 for a group of up to 4 staff members to complete a one day workshop. Following that training, staff can go back to their units and immediately provide a different approach to their care of bereaved parents.

You can contact your local hospital – tell them about the workshop and why it is important and through a local bereavement support group, a hospital charity or directly – you can offer the funds that will enable a member of staff to attend the training.

How to raise the funds?

There are numerous ways you could do fundraising –from a simple coffee morning, table top sale or cake sale to a sponsored walk or bike ride. Get together with a few friends or family members and decide how many training places you think you could fundraise for.

An evaluation of the training day is always sent out to funders so that they know the effectiveness of the training they have raised money for.

We have set up a new Crowd Funding page to try and raise £5000 which will help fund the training of medical staff.  If you would like to donate then please follow the link here.

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