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About our course

Our new course

#NoRegrets covers not only memory making and photography but how to empower parents and collaborate with them in taking every opportunity they can to say hello to their baby as well as goodbye.

The course begins with online learning and ends with a practical workshop. It involves 10 hours study in total. A certificate is awarded on completion.

Both the modules and the workshop are essential parts of the course. Therefore the 6 modules must be completed before participating in the workshop.

If you are signing up as an individual or small group you will need to join one of the cohorts, see dates below.  

If you are considering getting a host/funder to help you with a larger group (20 max) you don't need to join a cohort but will need to arrange a specific start date and workshop date. We recommend that you book the workshop at least 3 months in advance. This would allow time to promote the course, get participants signed up and started on completing the 6 modules and allows a couple of weeks for any stragglers to catch up.


If you are not sure how to fund the course do get in touch as we can point you in the direction of charities that might have free vouchers available for participants.

The costs are £32 per person which covers the 6 individual online modules and the virtual workshop.

You can purchase course vouchers in bulk and then offer them to staff as and when they are required. Vouchers are valid for at least 12 months.

If you are purchasing 40 places on the course, you will receive a 10% discount.

This is useful if you want to gradually train up a ward of staff over a year with a rolling programme, or if you want to train a cohort of students (see option 2 for more details)

As a charity you might want the opportunity to promote your work to nurses and midwives. You could do this by hosting 2 training days in the year, you could promote and fund the course for 20 participants in each –the course workshop takes about 4 hours so you could set the agenda and add a lot of your own content. (see option 2 for more details)

If you purchase 80 places on the course, you will receive a 20% discount. This is very useful for national charities who might want to offer training places to interested staff/students across the country.

If you would like Rachel Hayden to host the workshop (see option 3 for more details) there is an additional flat rate cost of £200 plus mileage at 45p per mile.

Stage 1: Online Coursework

Each individual signed up for the course is first asked to take 6 modules. These take 1 hour in total to complete.

Included in that hour are any tasks asked to be completed. These tasks might be simply reflecting on the topic or discussing with colleagues, light reading, looking at some short videos or websites, making a few notes or locating and familiarising yourself with resources/equipment in your own unit.

Participants can complete each module in one go or spread it out across the week - whatever their preference. They need to complete each module before accessing the next.

Questions and comments and any feedback on tasks will be responded to by Rachel Hayden before participants start their next module, so it is highly interactive.

All 6 modules must be completed before participants can begin the workshop.

Stage 2: Workshop

Unless you are booking Rachel Hayden to facilitate the session in person (see Option 3 for more details) you will be guided through the practical workshop via the online classroom.

This virtual workshop helps you put into practice all that you have learnt during the preceding modules. It is a vital component of the course.

The workshops can either be carried out by individuals (who will need to enlist the help of a couple of colleagues for an hour), by small groups, or hosted by a colleague or charity funder in a larger group (maximum 20 participants)

Whichever way you are participating in the workshop, you will need to book the session. This is to ensure that Rachel can look at the uploaded work and provide feedback that same afternoon whilst the session is still running. It also means she can respond straight away to any questions asked through the online classroom.

The information below outlines what you need to consider when deciding which type of workshop to choose.

Option 1 - For individual learners and small groups

Individuals or small groups will need to join one of the cohorts outlined below.  The cohort start date will be the week you are required to complete module 1.  Module 2 will be provided in week 2, and so on until all 6 modules are completed.  You will then need to book a session in the workshop week.  (Please ensure that you are available on at least one day that week to do the workshop).  The virtual workshop will take a maximum of 3½ hours.  

Cohort 2 - Start date 4th Feb with workshop w/c 18th March 

Cohort 3 - Start date 25th March with workshop w/c 13th May 

Cohort 4 - Start date 20th May with workshop w/c 1st July 

Option 2 - For larger groups (maximum 20)

It may suit your service to have a larger group participate in the training, first doing the 6 modules individually and then convening as a bigger group for the workshop.

This could be hosted by a colleague or your training funder such as a charity or related organisation.

It could serve as a good opportunity for the organisation to help facilitate the session and then share their specific interests/resource information with you at the same time.

The facilitators will set their own agenda but will access and share the virtual classroom and help with the practical session. They will need to plan this in advance, allowing the 6 modules to be completed by participants before they attend the workshop. The virtual workshop in this setting will take approx. 4 hours.

The host can decide what time they want to start the workshop as long as it begins at some point in the morning (no later than 12 noon) This then ensures that feedback is provided before the end of the session.

Option 3 - For larger groups (maximum 20) who would like a face to face workshop

If you have a larger group and you are based no more than 2 hours driving distance from Hinckley LE10, you might like a face to face workshop facilitated by Rachel Hayden, course author and Gifts of Remembrance founder. Participants would still need to have completed the 6 individual modules first and the session would need to run from 11am -2pm requiring a 'working lunch'. Contact us to book a date. Booking at least 3 months in advance is essential.