‘Gifts of Remembrance’ is providing training in hospitals, hotels and conference centres around the country. The organisations mission is to provide an opportunity for every maternity unit in the country to have access to the training and to be in a position to send at least two members of their care staff on a training day each year.

This may seem like a drop in the ocean for some larger hospitals but once staff realise the positive impact this approach can have , they are keen to share their skills and encourage other staff members to attend the training as well.

Find a workshop in your area.

Talks and Presentations

Gifts of Remembrance founder and trainer Rachel Hayden is available to give talks or presentations to share the work and benefits of this approach in bereavement care. The full objectives of the workshop however, can only be met in a practical training day and so any talks or presentations would only provide an introduction to the approach. Contact Gifts of Remembrance directly for more information.

All prices as of December 2016 are subject to change.

The Cost

The cost of the workshop varies depending on the option you choose:

Host an in-house 5 hour training day for up to 15 staff for just £675, which is £45 per person, plus expenses (the trainer’s expenses and any catering fees you might incur) To find out more click here and contact us to discuss details and suitable dates.

Host a shorter version of the above course, but this is compensated by having a smaller group so all objectives are still met.  The programme is divided into two sessions which either run back to back or one in the afternoon and one the next morning with an overnight stay in between. This provides training for a maximum of 24 staff or students, 12 in each session.  The cost of this is £888, plus expenses, which is £37 per person.

Attend an independent training day for £75 per person which includes: the full day workshop, refreshments and lunch, a downloadable resource pack, a certificate on completion, a collection of photographs to download from the day’s training and on-going support from Gifts of Remembrance for any further assistance or advice. Find a course near you.

Attend as an external delegate on an in-house training day. The cost for this will vary and is decided by the in-house host. You can find out if spaces are available and how much they charge by clicking on the link relating to that particular course. Find a course near you.


Funding is always an issue for hospitals but much of the funding to date for this training has been provided by bereavement support groups or hospital charities or regional networks who understand how important this work is and what a huge difference it can make to bereaved families. Gifts of Remembrance works closely with these organisations so that they can offer funding for workshops, both to groups and to individuals.

Some organisations are in a position to fund and host in-house training days which allows up to 15 staff from specific hospitals or regions to attend a workshop in their locality.

If you are interested in attending a workshop but are not sure where the funding will come from then get in touch with your local bereavement support group or contact us directly and we will liaise with them and see if funding can be made available.


Check the Guidelines outlining what size venue is required and what equipment is needed for a successful training day and contact us to discuss details and suitable dates.